Terms & Conditions

1. Your submission of this Booking Form is an offer made to us (Black Country Tours Ltd) on the terms of these conditions.

2. The offer can only be accepted in writing by us sent first class post to you at the address given on the booking form accompanied by a deposit in the sum of £100 which will be refunded in the event of non-acceptance by us of your offer but otherwise will be non-refundable;

a) Acceptance will only be effective on receipt from you by us of a deposit in the cleared sum of £100 within 7 days of receipt by you of our written acceptance;

b) The balance of the price is payable in full by you to us at least 14 days before the date of the tour, that time to be of the essence;

c) All cheques are payable to Black Country Tours Ltd;

d) Payment by credit card for the balance is acceptable;

e) The minimum party size is 30 persons unless stated in the Tour details for a specific tour.

3. You are the organiser of your party and:

a) Warrant to us that all members of your party are a minimum of 18 years of age;

b) You will provide us with proof of identity and of age of all members of your party on demand:

c) You will be responsible for the good behavior of all members of your party at all times during the tour;

d) You will be responsible for ensuring that all members of your party remain throughout the tour suitably and decently dressed with safe and sufficiently protective footwear;

e) You will procure that all members of your party keep all possessions secure and protected against loss or damage. We cannot insure at a reasonable premium the possessions of members of parties and accordingly you will indemnify us against any claim made by a member of your party against us for such loss or damage;

f) You acknowledge and will procure that all members of your party acknowledge our unconditional right to terminate any tour without refund or compensation in the event of breach of the matters set out in (a)-(e) above. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of such termination you and your party will not be allowed to return on our transport and you will be required to make on your and your party’s behalf alternative transport arrangements in such circumstances;

e) You agree that in the event of non availability, we may replace the tour bus with alternative transport without liquor licence and without liability to you.