Balti Mile

A Night Of Authentic Indian Cuisine

A style of cooking developed in Birmingham more than twenty years ago and named for the vessel in which it is served ( nowadays a stainless steel dish with two handles. Balti is made with an aromatic blend of spices with chicken which you can taste in the thick sauce.

The Balti pan is a round-bottomed, wok-like heavy castiron dish with two handles.... The origins of Balti cooking are wide ranging and owe as much to China (with a slight resemblance to the spicy cooking of Szechuan) and Tibet, as well as to the ancestry of the Mirpuris, the tastes of the Moghul emperors, the aromatic spices of Kashmir, and the'winter foods' of lands high in the mountains.

All our Baltis are cooked by our authentic Indian cuisine chef. Finish the night with a karaoke and disco. The Tour includes:

Two drinks for each member of your party while on board our unique Party Beer Bus with afully stocked bar.

We recommend a party size of 30 people, for more information or to make a booking please call us on 01384 231 751 or email